Can Kurucu


In Transmission


The green-screen technique is applied to isolate the object from its environment.

Once isolated in a digital format, the object exists beyond its original and

tangible context the recording -saved data- can be digitally reproduced and

transferred into any setting.


*Captured data (images or frames) are converted to 3D object to be able to recreate copies or save the main object in 3D as a reproducible sample.


In transmission Site spesific installation / Computer Generated 3D image (photogrammetry) Other Music Academy / Weimar / Germany - 2015
Site spesific installation (50.986270, 11.335004) / Video installation / Computer Generated 3D Image (photogrammetry) Thüringen/Germany - 2015
Site spesific installation (41.028608, 28.979744) / Video installation Istanbul/Turkey Dortmund/Germany - 2014